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Brisbane Translation was established to provide high-quality professional translation services to locals, migrants, and travelers in Brisbane at the lowest rates. As a language translation, this is a big responsibility since just about any text related can be translated. But sticking with our original goal and objective helped us add more languages to our list of language translation services while providing high quality and quick translation.

One of the documents we specialise in is the death certificate. Over the years of translating thousands of death certificates, we have come to a realisation on how important these are and that a lot of major decisions in a person’s life depend on death certificates. These range from life insurance compensation to inheritance issues which could be delayed further if your death certificate wasn’t in a language that the decision makers could understand.

Here at Tomedes, we’ve got professional and NAATI certified translators who consistently receive satisfactory feedback from our clients. Each of our translators is drawn from a global pool of talent. We’ve got translators specialising in a wide range of language pairs. When you work with us, you can expect to receive your death certificate translations in almost any language pair.

Furthermore, Brisbane Translation has a highly efficient system which will ensure that each translation job is allocated to the most suitable language translator with years of experience in the field. You can get a free quote from this page. Simply complete the quote form and receive a firm quote in under 15 minutes. If you have other requests or queries, please feel free to get in touch using the Live Chat below.

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What is a NAATI certified death certificate translation?

A NAATI certified death certificate translation is a document that’s translated by a NAATI accredited translator. NAATI is the sole accreditation body for translators in Australia. It is also responsible for ensuring that all translations in the country are reliable and accurate.

Most Australian government departments and other authorities require NAATI certified translations for its reliability. You wouldn’t want your translation to be full of errors which will cost you a lot of money and time to fix.

Here at Brisbane Translation, our NAATI accredited translators are experts at providing NAATI certified death certificate translations.

How do I order an English translation of my document from Brisbane Translation?

Brisbane Translation is an online translation services provider If you want to order a death certificate translation from us, simply follow these steps:

  • Complete the free quote form found on this website.
  • Then, upload a photo or scan of your death certificate that you want to be translated so we can provide you with an accurate quote. Expect to receive an email from us for your quote in 15 minutes.

Interesting Facts and Trivia About Death Certificates

  • In the past, deaths weren’t formally recorded like how it is nowadays. A centralised recording system with a standardised form only started in the early 1900s.
  • Before getting a copy of a death certificate, you have to wait for the Medical Examiner’s and Coroner’s final results on what the cause of death is. Insurance companies and other banks sometimes require the final cause of death to be placed on the death certificate for the closing of policies and such.
  • Aside from closing the accounts of your loved one, government agencies use this document for connections between death and unhealthy habits, track diseases and other factors. A lot of people also use death certificates for tracking their family genealogy.
  • Here are some of the information you will typically see on a death certificate. This will vary depending on the country or state issuing the certificate.
  1. Full Name
  2. Date of Death
  3. Gender
  4. Employment Status
  5. Marital Status
  6. Veteran Status
  7. Address on the time of death
  8. Parental Birth and Death Information
  9. Signature of Coroner, Doctor or Medical Examiner
  10. Cause of Death
  • There are times when doctors refuse to sign death certificates especially if they are not sure of the cause of death or suspicious of it. But, there are now laws in place which prevent them from delaying a death certificate without any good reason. If you run into this issue, look up the law on your state on finalising death certificates. A lot of states often have a limit of 10 days on how long a death certificate can stay unsigned.
  • When the cause of death is the result of more than just one health issue or unknown, the wrong cause of death may be shown on the certificate.

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