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Looking for a NAATI certified degree certificate translation in Brisbane?

Are you looking to have your Academic degree translated by a NAATI accredited translator? Brisbane Translation is a boutique professional translation service providing degree certificate translation services for clients in Brisbane and throughout Queensland.

With a team of highly-skilled NAATI accredited translators in Brisbane, we are able to deliver carefully crafted translation from all languages into English and vice versa.

You can use our NAATI certified translation of your degree certificate for official purposes such as submission to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), to Universities and to the Australian Passport Office. We have a 100% acceptance guarantee on all of our NAATI certified translations services.

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What is a NAATI certified degree certificate translation?

A NAATI certified academic degree certificate translation is one that has been completed by a NAATI accredited translator. NAATI is the national body for translators in Australia.

The reason why you should have your degree certificate translated into English from a foreign language by a NAATI certified translator in Brisbane because most Australian government departments and other authorities in Australia need translations to be NAATI certified. Our NAATI accredited translators in Brisbane are experts in providing NAATI certified degree certificate translations.

How do I order an English translation of my degree certificate from Brisbane Translation?

Brisbane Translation is an online translation service. To order your degree certificate translation from Brisbane translation, simply complete the Free Quote form on our website. You will be able to upload a scan or photo of the degree certificate that you would like translated so that we can provide you with an accurate quote. We will provide you with a quote via email within 15 minutes.

Interesting Facts and Trivia About Degree Certificates

  • In the early 8th century, madrasahs issued an ijazah as an academic degree type in the Islamic world.
  • The different degree terminologies came from the different studied subjects. The grammar or arts faculties gave their scholars the term ‘master’. On the other hand, the medicine, law and theology scholars were called as ‘doctors’. Because the study of grammar and arts were used as prerequisites to the study of law, theology and medicine, it was assumed that the master degree had a lower status than the doctor degree.
  • Degrees used to be issued directly by the bishop or the monarchs in the past instead of an educational institution.
  • In Tunisia, a person is admitted depending on his or her grades in his undergraduate years.
  • In the Netherlands, a student is required to finish 6 years pre-university education termed as “voorbereidend wetenschappelijk onderwijs” also called VWO.
  • For PhDs, the word doctor was coined by German universities which spread around the world and is currently being used today.
  • In Germany, traditionally students receive a Magister degree after graduating in a four to six years course in Humanities, Social Sciences, Arts and Linguistics. A Diplom degree is given to those in the Economics, Sociology, Engineering, Political Science, Business Administration, Natural Sciences, and Theology.

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