Afrikaans Translation Services

Afrikaans Translation Services

NAATI Accredited Afrikaans Translator Brisbane

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Afrikaans Translation Services in Brisbane

Afrikaans is used by more than 7 million people in Namibia and South Africa as a first language. A business needs the right Afrikaans translation to reach the right market successfully. If you choose Brisbane Translation, you will work with some of the best native-speaking Afrikaans, and English NAATI certified translators who are specialised in several fields.

We have chosen professional translators who have an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the Afrikaans customs and culture. Teamed with our project managers, Brisbane Translation can produce Afrikaans translated marketing materials, manuals and legal documents.

Afrikaans translation services from Brisbane Translation also include personal documents. If you are in need of translations to help you in your applications for visa, university and job. We guarantee that our translations have a 100% acceptance rate in all Australian authorities that require you to submit NAATI certified Afrikaans translations.

Afrikaans Translator Brisbane

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Please follow these steps to order your translation today.

  1. Send us your document. Upload a photo or scan of it via the online enquiry form seen on this page. We will review your translation request and email you the exact quote for your Afrikaans document. Expect our email within 15 minutes.
  2. Complete your order. You can pay via PayPal, credit cards and bank transfer. We will start with the translation once we receive your payment.
  3. After your translation is complete, we will be sending you a draft of your finished document for you to check.
  4. Let us know if the translation meets your requirements, and we will send you the final soft copy of your translation.

Need a hard copy? We can provide you with a certified hard copy for your translation just let us know in advance (additional postage and handling fee applies). We’ll be happy to help you. You can get in touch using the Live Chat or the online enquiry form.

Afrikaans Documents We Translate

Afrikaans Birth Certificate Translation

Afrikaans Driver’s Licence Translation

Afrikaans Marriage Certificate Translation

Afrikaans Diploma Certificate Translation

Afrikaans Degree Certificate Translation

Afrikaans Academic Transcript Translation

Afrikaans Police Check Translation

Afrikaans NAATI Translation

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Inaccurate translation for business and personal documents can be embarrassing and dangerous. It can send out the wrong message and affect your brand. Skills and experience is the key to providing top quality translation services that can help you in your applications and get the right message across to your target market.

Melbourne Translations provides fast, reliable and accurate translation services. These include the following language combinations:

  • English to Afrikaans Translation Services
  • Afrikaans to English Translation Services

Interesting Facts About the Afrikaans Language

  • The Afrikaans language is Namibia’s lingua franca.
  • Afrikaans was taken from the Dutch language and is considered as a Germanic language.
  • Most of its loanwords come from IsiXhosa, Bantu, Malay and Portuguese.
  • Aside from South Africa and Namibia, the language is also used in Australia, Germany, Lesotho, Belgium, Zimbabwe, New Zealand, Zambia, the UK, Botswana and the US.
  • The Afrikaans language is unique for its double negative feature.

If you need quality, reliable, accurate and fast Afrikaans translation services in Brisbane, Brisbane Translation won’t disappoint.

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