Bosnian Translation Services

Bosnian Translation Services

NAATI Accredited Bosnian Translator Brisbane

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Bosnian Translation Service in Brisbane

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Bosnian is a South Slavic language and the official language of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Brisbane Translation offers professional Bosnian translation services through our wide network of NAATI certified Bosnian translators. We have chosen the best of the best Bosnian NAATI translators who are native speakers of the language. Whether you need a Bosnian to English or English to Bosnian translation, our expert linguists have an in-depth understanding of both languages. This guarantees authentic and high-quality Bosnian translations for low rates.

Bosnian Translator Brisbane

Here are some facts about the Bosnian language:

  • Most Bosnian speakers reside in Herzegovina and Bosnia along with Bosnian Croats and Serbs in Tuzla, Sarajevo and Zenica.
  • The standard forms of Croatian and Serbian are mutually intelligible with the Standard Bosnian language. As a result, if three people who are native speakers of each language meet, they’ll be able to understand one another without the need for an interpreter.
  • The Bosnian language only has five vowels. All of which are monophthongs. The letter ‘R’ is considered both as a vowel and a consonant. When it is surrounded by two other consonants, it is treated as a vowel.
  • The alphabet of the Bosnian language was taken from the Latin alphabet. However, the Cyrillic alphabet was used in writing the language in the past.
  • Frequently, the language has borrowed a lot of words from Islamic-Oriental languages. As such, Bosnian was considered to be influenced by these languages.

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