Cambodian Translation Services

Cambodian Translation Services

NAATI Accredited Cambodian Translator Brisbane

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Brisbane Translation produces top quality Cambodian translation services that are reliable and fast. If you need a NAATI certified Cambodian translator, we can help. We are the leading NAATI certified Cambodian translation services provider in Brisbane and Queensland. You can never go wrong when you avail of one of our translators!

If you are a company wanting to expand your business in the Cambodian market, we can provide you translations for your marketing manuals, legal contracts and so much more. We also cater to individuals and help them by translating their certificates and licences for their job applications, university admissions and visa applications.

For NAATI certified Cambodian translation services, look no further than Brisbane Translation. For official purposes, you can submit our translations to Australian authorities who ask for NAATI Cambodian translations.

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Cambodian Translator Brisbane

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The first step to availing of our Cambodian translation services is to fill in the free translation quote form on this web page and submitting a scan or photo of your document. At no cost to you, we will email you a firm quote in only 15 minutes.

Afterwards, process your payment using your credit card or fund transfer via PayPal or direct online banking. Once your payment is verified, we will start translating your document. After your document is completed, we will ask you to review the draft of your Cambodian translation.

If you are contented with our translation, send us your approval, and we will send the completed soft copy of your Cambodian translation via email. We can also send you one certified hard copy of the translation by Post (additional postage and handling fee applies). Just inform us, and we will be happy to assist you.

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About The Cambodian Language

The Cambodian language also called Khmer is the official language of Cambodia with more than 16 million native speakers. Among the Austroasiatic languages, it is the second to Vietnamese in the most widely used language. The Sanskrit and Pali have influenced its development. Since the Old Khmer language was used by the ancient empires Angkor, Funan and Chenla, it is noted as the earliest and oldest recorded written language in the family of Mon-Khmer languages. Compared to its neighbouring languages, the Cambodian language is not a tonal type.

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