Dinka Translation Services

Dinka Translation Services

NAATI Accredited Dinka Translator Brisbane

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Dinka Translation Services in Brisbane

Whether you need English to Dinka or Dinka to English translation, we are here to help. For your medical, legal, technical, business and personal documents, professional Dinka translation services are crucial. Brisbane Translation specialises in professional Dinka translation services. Our highly trained project managers, skilled Dinka NAATI translators and over seven years of experience help Brisbane Translation finish a translation quickly to your satisfaction.

High-quality Dinka Translation Solutions

Brisbane Translation has developed a platform that allows both small and big companies of any size to order fast, affordable and professional Dinka translation services from Dinka NAATI translators. Every year we produce translations for documents such as birth certificates, academic transcripts, diploma certificates, marketing manuals, marriage certificates, driver’s licences, business documents and many more!

Efficient Translations

No matter how big or small your translation needs are, we have 100+ NAATI certified Dinka translators working across the different time zones so we can keep up with your requirements. Reserve a NAATI translator today and get your translation finished in no time.

Dinka Translator Brisbane

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Professional Dinka Translation Services

Whatever content, subject or project type you have, we’ve handled it all with professionalism. Avail of our Dinka translation services and see for yourself why we are chosen by thousands of people looking for an excellent translation.

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Order your translation straight from our website via our translation form. Translations begin immediately after verification of payment. Save more time and avoid the heavy traffic, you don’t have to visit our office anymore. We aim to provide translation services that are more convenient at the same time secure. We guarantee that your document will be handled with utmost professionalism.

Amazing Customer Service

We work directly with our clients for an efficient, economical and flexible translation solution from the receipt of your translation order to the delivery stage. If you have any questions, you can easily get in touch via the free quote form or the Live Chat. We strive to answer all of your concerns in the least possible amount of time.

Specialized Translations

Our Dinka translators can handle documents from any field. When you have a marketing document for translation, we match it to the most qualified Dinka translator who has a firm background in marketing.

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About the Dinka Language

Here are a few facts and trivia about the Dinka Language.

  • The Dinka language is mainly spoken in the southern part of Sudan by more than 2 million people. Aside from Sudan, there are also Dinka speakers in the Netherlands, Australia, Egypt, Canada, USA and the UK.
  • It has five primary dialects which are Bork, Ngok, Agaar, Rek, Twic/Twi East.
  • The letters of the vowels are duplicated or doubled to indicate long vowels.
  • In the 19th and 20th centuries, using the Latin alphabet in writing Dinka was developed by missionaries.

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The translation was arranged in less than an hour and I got a draft of the translation in just 2 days! I would happily recommend this service to anyone needing documents translated.
Karl, Sudan

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