German Translation Services

German Translation Services

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If you’ve arrived at this page, you are undoubtedly looking to engage a reliable, fast and professional German translator. Does that sound like you? We have been providing German translation services in Brisbane for many years – all with a team of highly skilled and native-speaking NAATI accredited German translators. Our team of German translators in Brisbane provide German translation services at affordable prices.

If you need a NAATI certified German translation of your documents to submit for official purposes, then look no further – our translations are 100% NAATI certified, suitable for submission for visa applications, university applications, passport applications and much more.

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Do you provide NAATI certified German translation services?

Absolutely. All of our German translations that we complete are 100% NAATI certified – you can be sure that we know what we are doing.

So why should you have your documents completed by a NAATI accredited German translator in Brisbane? Well, most authorities in Brisbane and Queensland need translations to be completed by a NAATI accredited German translator, otherwise they won’t accept the translation. We are experts in this NAATI certified German translation service so ask us how we can help.

What do I need to do to order my translation?

We like to make things really simple here at Brisbane Translation. So, our ordering process is completely online.

Simply complete the form on this page for a free quote within 15 minutes via email. We provide you with your options and you can make a payment online. We then translate the documents and send them to you via email for review and approval before sending you the final soft copy. And of course, our German translation services are 100% NAATI certified – don’t forget about that!

Upon your request, we’ll also send you a hard copy by post (additional postage and handling fee applies). Just let us know in advance if you need one.

Quick Facts About the German Language

  • The German language has some dialect, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation differences from each region. As such, the German used in the Netherlands is different from the one spoken in Austria. Because of this, English to German translations is different for each region.
  • In the US, there are Amish communities that make use of a totally different German-Dutch.
  • For marketing and business translations, it is best to keep in mind that Germans try to avoid integrating humour into advertisements because of the possible offence or risk on the wide range of audiences.
  • The Standard German language was not taken from any traditional dialect, unlike other languages. It started as a written language, and over time it has replaced the traditional dialects in some places.
  • German language variations can be so different that only those people who speak the dialects in neighbouring places can easily understand each other.
  • The Latin alphabet is used in the German script, but aside from the 25 letters used as a standard, there are additional three vowels.
  • One of the best words to describe the German language is ‘complex’ as it uses long, convoluted sentences. It also contains certain grammatical attributes. Thus, the German language should never be translated word for word.

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I wish more services were like yours. Fast, friendly and completely online. The translation of my German birth certificate was accurate and much appreciated!
Laura, Berlin

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