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Khmer Translation Services

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When it comes to high-quality Khmer translation services, you don’t have to look any further than Brisbane Translation. We have a team of hundreds of certified linguists who are quite skilled at providing the best quality Khmer translation services that are fast and on budget.

Furthermore, Brisbane Translation is one of the largest and leading translation services providers in the area. All translators are NAATI certified, ensuring that your Khmer translation projects will always meet the high standards of accuracy and quality in the country.

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Premium quality, economical and priority Khmer translation services for legal, medical, technical, business and general documents. Texts are checked and translated by the most qualified translators who are specialised in their own fields and have years of experience in the translation industry. The completed translation can be delivered via email for the soft copy. If you need a hard copy, let us know. We can mail it to you via Australian Post. Additional postage and handling fee applies.

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  • Complete the translation quote form found on this page. In less than 15 minutes, you will receive a firm quote on your translation project via email. Aside from that, our representative will be the one handling your translation. So feel free to ask any questions.
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  • Once finished, we will email you the soft copy of your translation.

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We have translators who specialise in more than 20 fields of expertise. Each one is highly-skilled and has years of experience in the industry. When you choose us, you can be confident that your document is in good hands.

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Each of the translation we handle goes through several QA processes before delivery. We make sure all documents are accurate and free from errors before sending them to you.


We understand how important your documents are. That’s why we’ve put systems in place that will ensure whatever data your documents have will be kept secure and confidential.

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Easy to order online and fast delivery. Those are our promises to you! We make sure all of your translation orders are completed before the deadline. You can count on us to complete translations with fast turnaround time.

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We have round-the-clock customer service. You can chat with us via the Live Chat found on this page. Feel free to ask any question about your translation needs and we’ll be happy to assist you.


Online project management at Brisbane Translation is always kept efficient. We offer quick turnaround times and make sure all translations are done with record speed.


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What is a NAATI certified translation?

NAATI is the accreditation authority in Australia for interpreters and translators. When it comes to a NAATI certified translation, it is handled by a NAATI accredited translator. Any interpreter or translator who wants to provide professional translations in the country has to be certified by NAATI. This is done to ensure the quality and reliability of translations in the country.

About the Khmer Language

Here are a few facts about the Khmer language that you probably don’t know about.

  • The Khmer language belongs to the language family of the Eastern Branch of Mon-Khmer. It is one of the subdivisions of the Austro-Asiatic languages group.
  • Some of the Khmer language’s closest linguistic relative includes Katuic, Bahnaric and Pearic families. 
  • The Pali and Sanskrit languages substantially influence the Khmer language. Because of its closeness to neighbouring countries, the language is greatly influenced by the Thai, Vietnamese, Cham, and Lao languages.
  • Compared to Thai, Lao and Vietnamese, the Khmer language is not tonal.
  • The Khmer language has its own abugida script known as Aksar Khmer which was derived from the Indian Pallava script. It’s a bit similar to the Lao and Thai scripts. Its numerals, on the other hand, were from Indian numerals. 
  • Northern Khmer or Khmer Surin, Phnom Penh, Battambang, Southern Khmer or Khmer Krom and Cardamom Khmer are the main Khmer dialects which are mutually intelligible. 

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