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Romanian Translation Services

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Looking for a Romanian translator for your document needs prudence if you want to find a professional Romanian translation. Why? Because having a single error in your translation can cost you a lot of money and time. The worst case is your application for a visa, job or university gets rejected because of your inaccurate translation.

Having an excellent Romanian translator will do wonders for your translation. For this reason, we pride ourselves on our professional and experienced Romanian translation services and our specialised Romanian services for professional fields and industries.

Romanian also known as Daco-Romanian is one of the Romance language groups. It belongs to the Indo-European Italic branch language family. Today, more than 24 to 28 million people speak the language. A  majority of these are found in Moldova and Romania. Aside from that, the language is regarded as an official language in Moldova, Romanian, and Vojvodina in Serbia.

Unlike other parts of the world, the Romanian language is referred to as the Moldovan language in Moldova. You can find Romanian speakers across the world living in different countries. But you will find most of them in Russia, Italy, Spain, Israel, Portugal, UK, Ukraine, Canada, the US, France, and Germany.

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Romanian Translator Brisbane

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If your document is not in English, chances are you will be required to submit an English translation of your document. Here at Brisbane Translation, we can provide you with a NAATI certified translation for your documents such as:

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Romanian Language Facts That You Probably Don’t Know

  • Romanian has similarities with the Portuguese, Spanish, French and Italian languages. However, it is closest to the Eastern Romance Languages like Istro-Romanian, Aromanian, and Melgeno-Romanian. Comparing it to other languages, Italian is the closest to it. But it is seen that speakers of the Romanian language understand the Italian language more easily than vice versa.
  • Among the Romance languages, Romanian is believed to be the very first to split from Latin. This was mostly because of the geographical isolation of the native speakers. In addition, it wasn’t influenced by other Romance languages until only recently. Because of this, Romanian became one of the most uniform European languages today. Now, Romanian is considered as the most important among the Eastern Romance languages.
  • There are several Romanian dialects which are not very different from one another. Furthermore, the Romanian language has a dialect continuum which means that its dialects can’t be neatly divided into categories. The differences found among the dialects include phonetic dissimilarities and additional regional words. Good thing is that Romanian when in its written form is the same for its dialects. This makes it easier for Romanian translators. The uniformity is because of the unity of Romanian languages under the Proto-Romanian language in the 7th and 10th centuries during the Byzantine Empire.
  • In the past, Romanian alphabet used to have twelve additional letters. However, this decreased to only five letters over the years. Altogether, you will find seven vowels in today’s Romanian alphabet. Compared to other Romance languages, the Romanian alphabet is conservative in its nominal morphology.

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