Serbian Translation Services

Serbian Translation Services

NAATI Accredited Serbian Translator Brisbane

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NAATI Accredited Serbian Translation Services

A good translator has to have an in-depth knowledge of the nuances of both the source and target language. Otherwise, your translation will sound strange and unnatural. If you need a quality Serbian translator for your business, marketing, legal, medical, financial and personal needs, you’re in the right place! Brisbane translator provides NAATI certified translators for all your Serbian translation needs.

NAATI is the accreditation body and national standard for Australia’s translation industry. A majority of private authorities and government institutions require NAATI translations of non-English documents. At Brisbane Translation, you can avail of a NAATI certified Serbian translator with years of experience at an affordable rate. Your translations will be finished in no time.

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Need a Serbian Translation?

At Brisbane Translation, we provide professional Serbian translation services. Our translations are not a just a literal translation, but it is a clear expression of the intended meaning of the original text. Our translators are highly qualified and have handled hundreds of Serbian translation projects. We strive to make your translation equal or better than the source document.  We take the cultural differences into account with our Serbian translation services.

Serbian Translator Brisbane

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How to Order Your Serbian Translation

To order your Serbian translation from Brisbane translation, follow these 4 easy steps:

  1. Complete the translation form on this page. Upload a copy of your document. In 15 minutes, we will send you an email containing the exact quotation.
  2. Complete your order through Paypal, credit card or a direct bank transfer.
  3. After verifying your payment, we will start with the translation. Once it is completed, we’ll send you a draft of the translation for you to check and approve.
  4. Once approved, a final translation soft copy will be sent to your email. If you need a hard copy, let us know. We’ll be happy to assist you and send one via Post (additional postage and handling fee applies).

And you’re done. Easy, right?

Our Serbian translation team at Brisbane Translation is here to make the Serbian translation processes as simple and easy as possible.

Interesting Facts About the Serbian Language

  • The Standard Serbian language came from the Shtokavian dialect which resulted in an understanding between the Shtokavian dialect speakers and the Standard Serbian speakers without the need for an interpreter.
  • Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Romania, Hungary, Herzegovina, Montenegro and Republic of Macedonia use the Standard Serbian language as a secondary or official language.
  • A one letter per sound principle is being used by the Serbian orthography.
  • Each of the language’s five vowels is considered as monophthongs.
  • The English language has loaned a few words from the Serbian language such as vampires and paprika.

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